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Super Mario Bros. 3D Demo


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This is a really cool demo by SANiK that turns the original Super Mario Bros for the NES into a 3D side-scroller.



X = Jump

Control Pad = Move

Start = Quit



This demo is never going to become a full game.

It lags at certain points but could be sped up 90%, I didn't give a kwap though to put more time into it.

I only did this to be able to say, "Stop with the effiing cheap ass 2D games."

I'm mother effiing tired of seeing "OMG, 2D Halo" orrr "2D Mario" orr "2D Mario texture edit to make it look like 2D Sonic"

The PSP scene needs new life

My little Mario Demo is just a taste of what could be done if one actually tries (with just 6 days to code it + 1 day to port it to the PSP)


Come on PSP scene, get with the program

Anyways, enjoy



(I suggest if one is to try to "finish" this, to start from scratch just using poly.c and math.c)



The only snippet of code that's really needed is really:

void reflex(float *a_matrix, float a_x, float a_y, float a_z)
//Apply the matrix rotation to the point
//Requires a custom matrix library
vector_matrix_mul(a_x, a_y, a_z, a_matrix);

//Apply the reflex lens formula
a_z=a_z - ((((a_x) * (a_x)) + ((a_y)*(a_y)))*0.05f);
//The 0.05f = Lens curvature

//PSP screen stretch/skew

//Draw the vertex
glVertex3f(a_x, a_y, a_z);


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