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FlashMe Tutorial (Newbie's Guide)


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Don't use Datel's products, you might think you feel special at first with 'em but they are a rip off.. (as I got their Max Media dock)


but never heard of the game cart getting bricked, you might have shorted something out in there... or are you talking about your NDS?

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Hey, I know I'm like 2 years late in posting to this but I was skeptical on the DS for a long period of time. In stores in my area I was only seeing childish or gurlie games for the system, but I've always been into homebrew, emulation, and PC mod development. I searched around online until I started finding stable DS emulators that would run commercial roms, and thus started searching the market for interesting titles. I just finally bought a DS before Christmas of '08 do to the titles I had found that I was already a huge fan of. I also ran into an EFA-Linker in a pawnshop, picked it up and it works great for GBA roms, but I have Action Replay's Games & Music that I can run GBA roms on. Not to mention a huge stockpile of GBA games I've already had for ages. I ran into this guide for making DS roms run from Slot-2 Carts like GBA, but a the passcards are needed for FlashMe. I also read in here that you can use the Action Replay code junkies DS cart for NO Pass, but I'm running into a problem. When I put FlashMe v8 on the EFA and refresh my Client freezes, if I close it and re open it shows the app flashme on the EFA as an NDS rom, and then when I go to start it with Action Replay holding Select, Both my DS screens freeze white and nothing happens. I hard reset and I'm back to DS. I'm not sure if my problem is in the copy process of FlashMe to the EFA-Linker or if Action Replay's NoPass mode just isn't possible on my DS being so new. Is there any light you could shed on this for me, or other simple maneuvers for flashing my DS? Any help would be appreciated. As I said my DS is very new.. It's a DS-Lite, and I'm not able to get anything updated on my action replay due to compatability with Vista. The Games & Music does work with Vista tho, but that would only work if I manage to turn that into the Pass card as well. I'm stumped. Please help me with this? I can tell you anything you need to know about PSP PS3 Xbox Xbox360, Wii, and a vast range of other mods and tricks, but the DS has me at a stand still... if you can help me get my EFA-Linker to run my DS Commercial Backups you would be a life saver!!!! Thanx in advance... ~HolesinHappyness~Danyael~




v1.61 written for GameCop :) by Mooney

Last Update: May 23, 2007

Updated for: FlashMe v8a



With the recent release of slot-1 flashcards for the Nintendo DS, slot-2 DS flashcards and GBA flashcarts seem to have been left in the dust. However, I'm sure many people will soon realise one major flaw with slot-1 cards: No GBA games. No GBA games not only means you won't be able to play all your GBA backups on your DS, but it also means that none of the emulators for GBA will work anymore and you'll have to buy another flashcart just for your GBA stuff! Well, just as Dark_AleX's custom firmwares for PSP saved people from owning two PSPs just so they could have homebrew AND play the latest games, there is a little firmware patch for DS known as FlashMe that can solve all your troubles. What FlashMe does is it patches the NDS's firmware so that if there is a GBA or slot-2 flashcart in the DS, it will automatically boot that device into NDS mode, or in human language: It will let you run NDS games from your GBA or slot-2 flashcart. This means that you will only need a GBA or slot-2 flashcart, and nothing else.



- The latest version of FlashMe reportedly has problems with the DS Link.

- You can install FlashMe from a slot-1 card, but that would be completely useless so I will not cover it.

- Unfortunately, to install FlashMe you will need a method of running NDS homebrew (i.e. PassMe, WifiMe, or NoPass). After FlashMe is installed, however, you will not need any hardware other than your GBA/slot-2 flashcart. Your best bet is to borrow a pass device from a friend or to buy the cheapest possible pass device.

- There is also a *small* chance that an improper installation of FlashMe could brick your DS. If you choose to install FlashMe, you do so at your own risk! Although the chances of this happening are rather slim, you have to be warned.

- Installing FlashMe will technically void your warranty because it requires going inside the DS, but unless the clerks at your local EB Games or Gamestop take the time to remove your DS's battery cover, no one will know... :P I actually traded in my first DS that I bricked for a brand new one.



Installation of FlashMe is pretty straightforward, but there are a few choices you'll have to make for yourself.


Required Materials

- A Nintendo DS

- A GBA flashcart (EFA, EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar, etc.) or a slot-2 memory card adapter (M3, SuperCard, etc.)

- One (temporary) pass device/method: Wifime (more info HERE), PassMe (Passme, PassMe 2, PassKey, etc.), or NoPass (Max Media Launcher, PassCard 3, etc.)

- The latest version of FlashMe (at the moment: v8)

- A screwdriver (To remove the battery cover)

- A metal object (To short the SL1)


1. Download FlashMe

Wow, even downloading has choices:

- FlashMe v8.nds

- FlashMe NoAuto v8.nds (This version will only boot the slot-2 device into NDS mode if you hold "Select")

- FlashMe Stealth v8.nds (This version will NOT remove the health warning message)

- FlashMe Stealth NoAuto v8.nds (This version will not remove the health warning and will not autoboot a slot-2 device unless you hold "Select")

- FlashMe v8 SuperCard.nds (This is a version of FlashMe v8 that has been patched with ndsloader.bin so it will work on SuperCards. This version is for SuperCard users ONLY)

Since FlashMe only comes in one flavor (.nds) you do not have to worry about getting the right kind for your flashcart. For instructions on how to make your own SuperCard compatible version of FlashMe, please see the second reply to this post.


2. Set it up

Put FlashMe onto your flashcart the same way you would put any other game on, but make sure of two things:

- FlashMe must be the ONLY game/app on your flashcart.

- If you are using a GBA flashcart that has a GUI, make sure it is disabled. FlashMe must be loaded directly; a GUI would get in the way and FlashMe would not be able to install. You do NOT need to disable the menu of an NDS flashcard.

Now, for FlashMe to be able to completely install, you will have to short the SL1. This means you will have to take off the battery cover and remove the sticker over the SL1, as shown here:

- SL1 on original DS

- SL1 on DS Lite

You will also need a metal object that you will insert into the hole (later), such as a small screwdriver or a paperclip. I found that a toothpick covered in tin foil worked the best for me.


For GBA Movie Player CF users:

Make sure you have the latest of chishm's GBAMP custom firmwares installed (chishm's GBAMP firmware hack page) Then, put flashme.nds onto your CF card, but rename it to _BOOT_MP.NDS and proceed as normal.


3. Run it

If you have any doubts about this, now is the time to turn back. Otherwise, go ahead and run FlashMe. If it loads correctly, you will be presented with a message, which is different on original DSes and Lites.

- Original DS FlashMe message

- DS Lite FlashMe message ( You do not need to worry about this, just press START to continue. NOTE: This might not come up with FlashMe v8, sinc eit includes fixes with the DS Lite)

After you press X B X B, installation will begin. This is where you insert your metal object into the SL1 hole to short it. Make sure you put it straight in and it goes down all the way. Once you get the metal object in place, FlashMe should begin to install (you will see the percentage done going up). If nothing happens, just wiggle your metal object around a bit. If you take your metal object out early or if it loses the connection before you reach 100%, do not panic, and do not shut off your DS! Just move your metal object around till you get it going again. Once installation finishes, you will be presented with this message:

- FlashMe Installation Complete message

Now you can turn off your DS and throw away your pass device; you won't be needing it any time soon!



Now that you have FlashMe installed, here's what you can do:

- Run NDS games from a GBA or slot-2 flashcart: Put as many NDS games as you can fit onto your flashcart and stick it into the slot-2 on your DS. When you turn it on, it will automatically go into NDS mode if you have the flashcart in. If there is nothing in the slot, it will boot to the regular menu.

- Brag to your friends that you don't have to sit through that "health warning" message when you turn your DS on. :(

- Hold SELECT to boot normally (unless you've installed a NoAuto version of FlashMe)



1. Sleep mode

Sleep mode is when you close your DS without shutting it off and it goes in to a power saving mode. With FlashMe, this mode does not work properly (The same problem occurs with PassMe and NoPass). However, this problem is easily fixed. You can:

- Put a real DS game into the DS card slot and sleep mode will work fine.

- Buy a Dummy Card for roughly $2 USD and put that into the DS card slot to make sleep mode work.

- Open up the DS and solder a piece of wire between pins 1 (GND) and 7 (IRQ) of the slot-1 socket. This is normally shorted by the contacts inside a DS card, so what you are doing is simulating a card being inserted.



If, for any reason, you find that you are unsatisfied with FlashMe, or if you need to get rid of it for another purpose, it is possible to uninstall FlashMe.

- NoFlashMe.nds

Uninstallation is not recommended, however, because it removes the failsafe code that can help recover your DS if malware damages the firmware. Install and run this file the same way you would for the original installation file.



If malware ever hits your DS and damages your firmware, FlashMe has a recovery feature that can save your DS. Unfortunately, this recovery mode can only be used if FlashMe was already installed on your DS before the malware hit. Here's how to use the recovery mode:


1. Download FlashMe

See the links above to download the latest version of FlashMe.


2. Set it up

- Put flashme.nds onto your slot-1 or slot-2 flashcart the same way you did before (no other files, menu disabled).


3. Run it

- Hold START+SELECT while you turn your DS on.

The DS should now boot directly to GBA mode, where either flashme.nds will automatically run or you can launch it yourself, and reinstall it.


Coming soon

- Checking your DS's firmware and choosing a compatible pass device (This will be included in a guide I am writing on NDS flashcarts) Buyer's Guide is now up, read it HERE.

- Any corrections or additions I might make



- home.comcast.net/%7Eolimar/flashme

- wiki.pocketheaven.com/FlashMe

- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FlashMe

- www.dspassme.com

- www.scdev.org

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sorry for double post... I do still want to know if there is anything I can do to flash my NDS Lite with what I've got, but I also just ordered the R4 SDHC, and during reading this I've run into another issue. In the documentation it mentioned supporting Micro-SD from 128mb to 4gb, but then it also states that 4gb=32gbit that leaves me puzzled. I noticed something similar I think on my EFA-Linker as well. Before I knew about flashing, I tried to put an NDS rom on it that was 22mb, but the card had little to no space left afterward and it was a 512mb card... Can someone explain that? MOONEY HELP ME!!!!

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