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  1. no my ds is the one that wont read my ezfa 3 or any other gba games plus the games n music
  2. well it isnt that my games n music is bricked because i cant run any gba games either so is there anyway to fix this issue
  3. sorry for double post but my games and music seems bricked at least i think, because it wont boot passed a white screen if i hold start+select and all my other games work also the green battery light continues to blink as if i was playing a ds game and closed the screen. any way to unbrick it
  4. i just got a games n music cart and i wanted to install flashme 8 and it got to 1% when my ds shutdown and when it started back up the screen didn't change from the normal grayish black, also my battery was charged all night. So is there anyway to unbrick
  5. Hi i know there is a warning at the top of the page saying if the install is interrupted it may brick your ds, well i had a fully charged original ds i was going to install this on but my ds somehow shutdown and when i turned it back on the screen didn't change from the original grayish black screen and wouldn't bypass that screen. is there any way to unbrick my ds from this point. i ran the flashme8 noauto off of a games n music card i got yesterday and i have a bigger ezfa 3 cart that i was going to run ds games off of. so is there any way to unbrick my ds
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