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  1. someone had asked if you could install it to an external HDD and boot it from there? You can but you lose a little speed with opening and running things off of it. It's not like media transport from external hdd. All you do to boot the installed OS from external HDD is change your settings on boot order in your bios. If you have a somewhat new PC then it would have USB, or legacy USB in the boot menu. Just put that first before your optical drive, or internals, and it will boot.
  2. sorry for double post... I do still want to know if there is anything I can do to flash my NDS Lite with what I've got, but I also just ordered the R4 SDHC, and during reading this I've run into another issue. In the documentation it mentioned supporting Micro-SD from 128mb to 4gb, but then it also states that 4gb=32gbit that leaves me puzzled. I noticed something similar I think on my EFA-Linker as well. Before I knew about flashing, I tried to put an NDS rom on it that was 22mb, but the card had little to no space left afterward and it was a 512mb card... Can someone explain that? MOONEY
  3. Cinder is right, although most of the PS3 games are even smaller than the 6gb! There is alot of compressed dummy files and padding.. Unbelievable amounts really. The backup method here will work but there are only select games from small companies that you are able to do this with. I don't have a huge library of PS3 titles, but from dumps of Oblivion, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Bloodshot2, Rockband2, and Motorstorm. There is a file header that has an odd difference in code, it's similar to the dumps of PS3 firmware updates. The games have some file that generates a small random code string t
  4. Hey, I know I'm like 2 years late in posting to this but I was skeptical on the DS for a long period of time. In stores in my area I was only seeing childish or gurlie games for the system, but I've always been into homebrew, emulation, and PC mod development. I searched around online until I started finding stable DS emulators that would run commercial roms, and thus started searching the market for interesting titles. I just finally bought a DS before Christmas of '08 do to the titles I had found that I was already a huge fan of. I also ran into an EFA-Linker in a pawnshop, picked it up
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