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Doom III or Half-life 2

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Are you guys looking more forward toward Doom III or Half-Life 2?


Im looking more towards Half-Life 2 since i own the orginal and id rather play multiplayer than single player....


post your comments below.

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Doom 2 will be cool, but it IS just a rehash of an old title with nice new spiffy graphics. It better offer something new to the FPS genre, or I'll just toss it aside in the "Boring. Same crap" pile.


As for Half Life 2, if HL was any indication, this game will suck. Because IMO, HL sucked. (Wish I never bought it)

I still dont see why everyone thought/still thinks that game is so good.

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I loved the original Half Life. I got it soon after release and enjoyed the game hugely. If you judge it against a modern FPS then its not going to look as good but I can't name many games that I have played nearly every day for 6 years. There have to be 25+ great mods for Half Life and lots more half decent ones.


The doom series is one of my favourite of all time. Having watched the videos it looks like they have really caught that atmosphere down to a tee. I can't wait for it!


Half Life 2 though is the one I'm really waiting for out of the two. I downloaded that 600Mb video from E3 and my jaw was on the floor the whole way through. It looks more than good. It's a million times better looking than any other game out there. All the little set pieces and little details that I saw just make me want to play it even more. It's going to be huge.


Anyway I'm actually looking forward to Halo 2 and Deus Ex: Invisible War more than those two. I will probably get all four games for the Xbox because I don't see me upgrading my computer just to play these four titles.

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