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3.03 Downgrader and HEN for 3.03!

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After much work over the past few days, we finally succeeded - we have an easy-to-use downgrader for v3.03 PSPs!


Some ground-rules:


* This downgrader is for v3.03 firmware only. But if you have v2.81 - v3.02, no problem - you can just upgrade to v3.03 to use the downgrader.

* You need a copy of the unpatched GTA:Liberty City Stories UMD. No ISOs, no patched UMDs, not Vice City Stories. See here for some info on how to check if your version is patched. The most reliable way : the unpatched disks have the v2.0 firmware update on them.

* This downgrader is intended to enable homebrew. Homebrew is NOT the same as piracy. Don't be a thieving loser - buy the games you play.

* The downgrader will work on all current PSP hardware (TA-079 - TA-086). Patching of TA-082+ is automatic in the downgrader.

* You downgrade at your own risk. There is always a chance of bricking, although we have done everything we can think of to make this process safe.


Full instructions for downgrading are included in the Downgrader_HOWTO.txt file in the ZIP file. Read them carefully! You will need:


* The 3.03 downgrader package

* Official v1.50 Firmware Update EBOOT

* Official v3.03 Firmware Update EBOOT (only if your PSP is not 3.03 already)


Enjoy! You can get support for any problems at the PSPUpdates forum.


Remember to check out the PSP Homebrew Database for information on homebrew that can be run on your newly-downgraded PSP!


Warning: After downgrading from 3.03 to 1.5, there are some remnants of 3.03 left in flash. If you later try to re-upgrade to 3.03 and repeat the downgrade, things will break. At some later point, we will work on a cleaner that will remove these extra files. Until then, enjoy! (Don't worry, upgrading to 3.03 OE firmwares still works fine).


If you're not keen on the risk of downgrading your PSP, you might prefer to use a homebrew loader instead. Well, we've thought of you - we give to you "HEN 303 - the Duff release" (named in the eLoader tradition!).


HEN 303 (short for Homebrew ENabler) works in the same way as Dark_AleX's HEN for 2.71 firmwares. By running HEN, it installs a patch in your PSP's memory, that allows you to run homebrew almost as if you had a v1.5 PSP. This patch remains in place until you fully turn off your PSP - it will survive the PSP being placed into sleep mode.


The requirements for HEN are the same as for the downgrader - you need the unpatched GTA:LCS, and a v3.03 firmware PSP.


You can view the readme.txt file in the archive for more details about how to use it. Remember that not as much homebrew works with HEN as it does with eLoader or v1.5 firmware. But we hope to release an eLoader plugin for HEN soon, that would improve that situation - and remember that the amount of homebrew that works with HEN is increasing all the time.


The important parts of HEN 303 are included in the downgrader release - but if you don't want to downgrade, you can download the full HEN release below.


Note: a pre-release version of this file was leaked on the internet. It is dangerous and could brick your PSP - do not run it or distribute it. The authentic version contains the text "This is the official final released version of 3.03 HEN" in the readme.txt file.

Download 3.03 Downgrader / Download HEN 3.03 / Source

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Incredible how things go these days. Turns out 3.0 wasnt the uncrackable firmware series everyone thought it would be.


However, as this is from Noobz (nothing against them) and since it says things could break if you re-upgraded to 3.03, I wouldn't use it. Maybe wait for a better one...

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