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MAMEdOX Plat Plus


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MVC no servie mode sorry....


The Simpsons has coin mode but no free play by looks...extended coin options though you could look on the net for manuals and see what all this stuff means in the simpsons. PS its the bottom key in simpsons to access service mode change it :)


Would that be due to the particular board version the ROM has come from or is MVC like that generally?

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sure do you also want start to not bring up the options on the selector at all


That's okay as it is for me....


Have v1 and v2 loaded on the same XBox under different folders - but v1 now shows the extra games from v2 but without the preview screen grab. Is there any way for them to co-exist or is it pointless to keep hold of v1 now?


This might help you:



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Any ideas on Games that would be cool to play let me know


Thank you very much for accepting such requests :ph34r:


Did you ever hear of Osman (a.k.a. Cannon Dancer)? This is a really cool 2D action game that plays and looks a lot like Strider. As far as I know some people from the original Strider staff were also involved here. Are there any chances to see this playable on the Xbox one day? If there is any game I can recommend (and personally would love to play on my Xbox) it would be this one :)

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One question: How could i resize/center the screen with mamedox platinum 2?


and one little suggestion: it would be great if the romsets used in some games were the european version instead of the japanese release.


oh a final question: What happens if i don't copy the save in the udata/tdata folders and run the emulator?


Great compilation, thanks a lot.

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you can setup the screen size by pressing start in the rom selection screen "Screen Setup". Ummm true I huess about japenese but there atn that many and no tdata/udata no play unless you know what your doing...its partially locked to newbes so I know its as it should be unless you know what your doing.

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Thanks for all your work on this - it's a really sweet package, I now plan to remove my mamoth mame install half of which doesn't work and then use yours but keep my roms for FBAXXX



just one question, I've got trouble running tempest and star wars, is there a problem with the vector games or some setting I need to change, it just hangs after loading the roms


I installed to F:\emus\mamedox


and I have a 1.4 softmodded pal Xbox running xecuter bios, I think these work on my own mame installation.

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I'm using the Fine Mamedox as the dashboard on my xbox which is in an arcade machine


What im wanting to do is to boot to XBMC from mamedox (in case want to use the arcade machine as a jukebox)

anyone have any tips how i could go about doing this?

i was thinking that i could maybe change the shutdown option to launch XBMC or something


Thank you

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Awsome work man, very nice. I was wondering, you say its impossible to get the cheat file working from dvd. But with your first release I managed to get the cheat dat working by changing the cheat file setting. The new save over wrote the last one and I have forgotten how I got it to work from disc. Anyone got any ideas? i think next time i'll back up saves before i over write em >.>

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