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  1. 12 Gigs wasn't enough upload for you? How many Gigs of that file have you uploaded? Post back when you hit the 12 gig mark. If you think uploading 3.5 times the bandwidth you download is going to destroy P2P, you're confused on how it works. You don't need to have someone with 100% of the file to have 100% of the file available. You just need to upload the parts you have to the person that is uploading the parts they have. That's what the problem was before. Nobody was uploading crap. You yourself had almost 1000 other files you were sharing that weighed in at a few hundred Gigs. I had to wait in your que while you uploaded those other files to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that wanted them. So did everyone else trying to get this file. I told you to trim that down and you didn't. Point into the mirror if you want someone to blame anything on. I did my part. Once everyone else EACH uploads 12 Gigs, you can feel satisfied you did yours as well. Until then, QYB. Affini, you have PM.
  2. Did you upload the same amount in a single day? Since the vast majority of cable modems don't have that much upload capacity, I doubt it (it's remotely possible, but not very probable). I uploaded well over 12 Gb trying to get this file. I basically floated half of the people that were downloading it at that time. While I appreciate the "thanks" for helping you get it, I'd much rather see you upload at LEAST what you download and help somebody else get it. If you hit-n-bailed the thing, you screwed over every other person trying to get the file. That's my final word about that.
  3. Switch/router. I'd guess he had DHCP enabled on the router, then had a static IP set for the PC. If the PC is off, and you turn on the xbox, the router thinks it can assign *.103 to the Xbox. Then turn on the PC that requires *.103 for the IP and you have an instant conflict. That doesn't help anyone else that runs into the same issue... Please post your resolution to complete the thread.
  4. No needed parts. No needed parts. No needed parts. No needed parts. No needed parts. On Que 663. On Que 263. On Que 5021. Rastan is the only person that has the pieces we need. I haven't moved up in the que for the rest. Cr0me, can you quit sharing your other files and just share this for an hour? I'm 5021 on your que. Once I get it, I can upload it to everyone else. Right now we're flocked though. L0LL0 is the other person with the pieces and his upload is capped. I'm getting his stream at *400 BYTES/sec*. Pitiful. X-treme mod isn't uploading anything either.
  5. BOOM! goes the hammer. The more I cut, the faster it goes.
  6. I had to reboot. I've been up for over a week straight. L0LL0 - I'm the 5027 person in your que. chr0m - I'm 4915 in your que. WTF guys? I spoke via IM to both of you. scumball, I wish there was a way to put you on a preference. My upload is being split between you and 4 non-sharers right now.
  7. If people would trim their stuff down, it would work. The problem is that people have 1000 files they're downloading all at 6bytes/sec each. Which fills my numerical maximum connections allowed, but only takes up 1/10th of my upload bandwidth. I'm staring at a 7.7Kb upload right now when I'm capable of 10x that. There's a dozen people connected and only ~ 3-4 of us know what we're doing. I'd vote for usenet next time as well, and I won't even have access to it that way. This is just too painful to watch.
  8. Clean out your ques people. I'm banning people off my list TODAY. I will not upload to anyone that is not giving back when I can concentrate my uploads on people seeding this file. This includes: JimBob - You have 260 ques but haven't uploaded JACK. As in *zero*. This has been seeded long enough that we should all be playing right now. But we're not because some people have no idea how to make this "easy". You got a guy here that has spent how many hours putting this all together? All so you can simply turn a switch on and play. Yet you don't have the common curtesy to share the damn thing so he can get some feedback. That's crappy man. Turn the porn off for 1 day and share this crap already or I'm not uploading jack crap to your IP anymore. PS: Thanks to the people that are sharing. L0LL0 - (Thanks for fixing your stuff) chr0m - (Thanks for fixing your stuff) ----- Here's the deal for those people who don't understand the benefit of sharing. Assume 3 people, 5 "chunks" of data, 1 source (Rastan). CURRENT METHOD: Rastan gives me chunk#1. Rastan gives non-sharing guy #2, I give non-sharing guy #1. Rastan gives me #3, I can't upload anything. Rastan gives non-sharing guy #4, I can't upload anything. Rastan gives me #5. Rastan gives me #2, I give non-sharing guy #5. Rastan gives me #4. Total of 7 steps. PROPER METHOD: Rastan gives me chunk#1. Rastan gives Sharing guy #2, I give Sharing guy #1. Rastan gives me #3, Sharing guy gives me #2. Rastan gives Sharing guy #4, I give Sharing guy #3. Rastan gives me #5, Sharing guy gives me #4. Both Rastan and I can give Sharing guy #5. Total of 6 steps. More people = more steps that *should* be taken away. It's faster for everyone if you share. If you wait until the end before you share, it still takes longer than if you share the whole time. Rastan shouldn't have had to seed this longer than 2 MAYBE 3 days. Instead, we're making him continue to share because we don't want to. That should convince him to do this again (for our benefit) huh? I currently have over 40Kb of upload bandwidth *not being used* because over the past WEEK there hasn't been enough upload by others to replenish me with fresh chunks. We should've been done with this days ago.
  9. I'll just start banning the IP of the people not sharing. You can look to see what they've uploaded. It does no good to give them anything they aren't going to give back.
  10. Whoever is connected, You need to configure your P2P clients to make this method of distribution succeed. I've uploaded over 5Gb and received only 1.4Gb (rounding up!). At this rate It will be another 3 weeks before anyone is complete. If I'm uploading at 70Kb, I would expect some common netiquette in return and be able to download faster than 2-5Kb. Otherwise you'll only get to where I am and we'll *ALL* have to wait.
  11. We'll need the week to get it. It's creeeeeping. Nonstop 2 days = ~650Mb down, 1.5Gb up. I'm getting anxious. Is there a superseed mode or anything?
  12. For the interface, what if you moved the "options stuff" towards the bottom? Something like this:
  13. Are you keeping the MAMEdOX portion of the name?
  14. The 3 different setups would be perfect. That way the kids can't screw it up. That's all I need. Can we change the displayed artwork to cabinets, marquees, whatever? MAMEwah uses artwork folders that you can call up via the frontend layout editor. It just displays whatever is the correctly named file in whichever folder. "Artwork_1", "Artwork_2", etc. It would be kind of neat to have the marquee above the screenshot assuming it was sized to the same width. What about changing the wallpaper image? I never was able to get the last version, so I apologize if these are stupid questions.
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