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Normal DVD-ROM drives can't read Dreamcast's GD-ROM discs. As for why the mounted image shows up as an audio CD, there can be a number of reasons.


1. The game is not selfboot. You need to either hack it to make it selfboot or use a bootdisc (not a guaranteed success).

2. Use daemon Tools 3.29 if possible. It has different CD emulation code, so people have gotten DC games to work with that version.

3. The CD image is borked.

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About JSR. Mount it, and open it on my computer, does it contain just audio file? If it does then its a bad rip. If not, carry on.

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I'm experiencing the same problem. I once got Chankast to work to play Ikaruga, but now I can't remember what I did.


I downloaded the emulator, the DC bios and the Ikaruga self-boot iso. I mounted the ISO and I start Chankast, but it takes me to the CD play menu, and won't start the game.


What could be wrong?

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Why would that help? I got the newest version.


I got two versions of Ikaruga. One versions says "can't read TOC from drive I:" or something when starting, other one just skips to the audio player menu in the Dreamcast options.


I got it working once, what's wrong?


Edit: Just tried 3.29 Daemon tools. Couldnt even mount it with that one.

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