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Why would that help? I got the newest version.


I got two versions of Ikaruga. One versions says "can't read TOC from drive I:" or something when starting, other one just skips to the audio player menu in the Dreamcast options.


I got it working once, what's wrong?


Edit: Just tried 3.29 Daemon tools. Couldnt even mount it with that one.

"Can't read TOC from Drive X:" usually means that you are using the ASPI CD-ROM Interface plugin under Windows 2000/XP, which won't work since neither OSes support ASPI unless you install drivers for it.


In other words, use the xxx CD-ROM Interface plugin if at all possible.


Daemon Tools 3.29 supposedly handles reading the "disc" a bit differently than newer versions, so most people use that when they start to get that Audio CD screen after mounting an image and trying to run it. Or then the image really isn't selfboot.

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K Im kinda new to this Chankast thing.. Ive got the dc_bios.bin and the dc_flash.bin.. as well as the emulator.. It keeps showing the red spiral..ive also got the daemon thing set on the iso file because whenever i set the daemon virtual drive thing to the cdi file it would crash the emulator .. also it keeps on going to the cd player..no matter what i do.. any help? Im confused on what to do... i tried to selfboot the thing but it doesn seem to work with 64bit >.>' also it specifically says its selfbooted already so i think it has to do with the dc_bios and the flash thing that i have got with me.. thats the only conclusion that i came up with... either that or idk

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Here using NullDC With the spanish bios all work fine...


I know using "empty aica plugin"; dunno why, it show the audioCD screen. ¿maybe is that?


there are no need of daemon on NullDC cos it work with images.

with a .cdi and the spanish bios (ESP) it work for me.



use nulldc

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