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random shutdowns.?


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well a little while ago i booted up everquest2 for play and it froze im like damn because this happens to me alot well now my computer has random shutdowns so i boot it up and when i log in to my windows account it shuts down then whne its loading up shutes down again i dont know what is going on all my drivers are up to date i scnaed my computer for viruses and it managed to frezze while scanning it .

what i think is that what is causing my problems is my ram


thisa is my current computer set up




my video card





i bought a pentium 4 procesor but in system properties it says pentium D


my ram are 2X 256 mb kingston DDr2 sticks and theyre probably slow or old or bad i guess.

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Ahhhhhhhhkkk!!! ECS motherboards are very cheap and are made with the lowest quality parts.

ECS is the equivalent of a Hyundai automobile if you understand my reasoning.


I would return it right away or buy an Asus, Intel, etc. (big name brand) instead.

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It depends on if the processor is compatible with the new mobo. I'm sure you can find that data online somewhere or with the product you are buying. I don't think so about that "locked in" thing.

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no i mean that once you place a processor on a mother board you cant remove it o use it on another mobo

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