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Shareaza released

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BT client


Multi-network peer-to-peer file-sharing client supporting Gnutella2, Gnutella1, eDonkey2000/eMule and BitTorrent protocols. Using C++, MFC and ATL, for Windows


This release solves the connection to G1 problem, better handling of host caches, adds more user friendly features to manage ghost rated files, automatic seeding on restart, drag-n-drop support to move files, improved spam filtering, metadata extraction from MusePack files, APE tags reading fixed for ape files and implemented reading of them for mp3 files.





BitTorrent network


Implemented BT autoseed when app is restarted.

Invalid BT upload limit calculation fixed.


Gnutella/G2 Networks



Fixed Bug on Extended HS value in "KHLA" packet.

Fixed problem related to UKHL(UDP Known Hub List) packet.

Smart G1 host cache pruning.

Some optimizations for G1 OnPong method for the leaf mode.

Fixed reading of variable-length GGEP items.

Added daily uptime display for G1 cache.

Removed GWCs support from G1.

Added failure count/time serialization of hosts from cache.

Prevention against host cache pollution by last seen date.

Tweaked Neighbour connection start.

G2 packet type converted from string to QWORD.


eDonkey Network


Fixed server met querying when the cache is empty.

Optimized CDownloadTransferED2K::SendFragmentRequests().

Optimized ED2K upload Queue management.


UPnP support


UPnP code changed to solve ADSL modems configuration.

Added WANDSLLinkConfig service detection for UPnP devices.


Compatibility fixes


Removed dependency on PowrProf.dll for systems which do not have it (WinNT and some Win9x).

Updated manifest files for compatibility with Vista.

Limited connections for Windows Vista.




A little workaround to open preview images in the Library when the cache flag was not updated.

Added bitrate calculation for .ape files.

Fixed mp3 base bitrate and frequency calculations when the first frame has a reserved layer.

Added ID3v1 tag reading from Musepack files.

APE tag reading from MP3 files.

Ghost file creation improved.

Increased mp3 frame scanning accuracy.

Disabled tagless mp3 uploads by default with SmartUpgrade.

MP3 tag reading improved (multiple the same tags are joined in metadata).

Fixed binary file metadata extraction for Win9x systems.

New setting for the Library to set the default behavior of ghost file creation.


GUI and Basic Functionality


Added Drag'n'Drop.

Fixed loading of default setting values from registry REG_SZ values.

Fixed reconnect after internet reset.

Added support for hidden schema members.

Added /nosplash switch for startup.

Progress percentage display tweaked.

Added setting to keep firewall exception.

Added IP addresses in the drop down boxes of settings.

Added support for tooltips in property pages, dialogs and setting pages.

Clear button not working in the Hit monitor fixed.

Changed progress bar coloring and added differentiation between online and offline sources.

Add Discovery services function fixed.

Incomplete file renaming bug fixed.

GDI leaks fixed.

Added the Shareaza Collection icon to the "Export Collection" menu items in the Library and Media Player.




DRM and Suspicious filters turned on during upgrade.

Search window columns are switched when changing schema in the search box.

Improved spam filtering.

Optimized Keywording operation and enabled Search for digits (longer or equal to 4 only).

Added Japanese FullwidthSpace -> HalfwidthSpace conversion to CLowerCaseTable.




Timers and status messages fixed.

Effective source counting when some networks are disabled.

Fix for duplicate derived G2 sources.

Download remote previews from eMule and G2 clients

Added feature "TempPause" which is Temporary pause, used when DISK is FULL.

Fixed Bug "Failed PUSH sources remain forever".

Optimized DownloadTransfer creation.

Fix for "PUSH source never start by itself".




Uninitialized class members fixed.

GUIDX::Encode() optimized.


Tweaked FTP.

Fixed empty m_sAddress string (appears sometimes in log).

Fixed URLs with encoded chars.

Added command-line parser.

Fixed 2 bytes QHT buffer overrun.

Source / Download

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If a particular torrent is low on peers (seeders, leechers or both), the speeds will be lower. The speed in BitTorrent is always directly comparable to the number of people you connected to, their outbound connection (either full-rate or customized from their torrent client) speed and general status of their own connection.


Also, taking into account what I said above, you won't get good speeds right away; it always takes a little while before you connect to more people and vice versa. Tracker administrators can also impose several rules onto the tracker software that limit the amount of connections and overall speed.


If the tracker is improperly configured, then it will affects the peer performance as well. People connecting who don't have access to the software/hardware side of the tracker can do very little and don't generally know if the tracker is improperly set up (that is, unless connection to the tracker fails completely and thus the tracker is useless).

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