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Bob Jahovic

A Dilemma...

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OK, I haven't been here in a really long time, but a series of events have transpired that have led me to creating the topic.


It all began last weekend while a few friends of mine, and I, were driving around. As we drove through what a particular neighborhood, I came upon a strange sight...


...A 1982 Zaxxon Arcade Cabinet sitting on the side of the road!


In my initial excitement I beguiled my friends into helping me load the system into the back of my truck and we proceeded to return to my house to plug it in. Imagine our suprise when we discovered that, not only did the monitor work, but the speakers functioned perfectly. The coin mechs, as well as all the buttons and the joystick, work as well.


The only problem that I can see with the system is that during the self-test that I put the system through, as per these instructions, the ORAM has failed.


When I played the game, the background scrolled, the music played, and the controls worked, but none of the moving objects appeared on the screen. This also indicated to me that the ORAM was broken.


Unfortunately I do not know much about arcade cabinets and I am having trouble locating the problematic chips. I figured that some of you guys might have an idea of where I can look and/or what I can do to resolve this issue.












Oh and, it's good to be back here. I've kinda missed this place.



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looking at the mame source, i assume this ram chip is bad.

AM_RANGE(0xa000, 0xa0ff) AM_MIRROR(0x1f00) AM_RAM AM_BASE(&spriteram) AM_SIZE(&spriteram_size)


you may want to go the the mame.net forums and ask this, they always seem to be very helpful to someone who resurrects a dead machine. (just ask nicely)

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Nice find! Perhaps www.mameworld.info might be better as mame.net can easily turn into a battlefield and they view newb attacks as sport.

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Alright, I've posted this over at mameworld.info...we'll see if that works


Thanks for your help

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