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Awful n00b question about multi-part downloads

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OK, I have a stupid question that's apparently supposed to be self-explanatory because I can't find ANY info on it but anyway... My question is about multi-part downloads. I downloaded a ROM in two parts. One was *.ace and the other was *.c00. I tried to get Project 64 to read it but it couldn't, and I don't blame it, frankly. So, I want to know:


1. How do I combine these files into one game?

2. How do I get my emulator to read the file?



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These are just compressed files that have been split.


All you need is Winrar. Install it and open the ace file. Press extract and winrar will take the seperate parts (like 2 files in your case or more in other cases) and combine them to make the rom.


Then you can use it with Project 64


It's as simple as that :shock:

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Dont be afraid to post any questions you have here.


Any question will be answered if we have the knowledge to answer them.


On this forum, I dont think you'll get flamed or get called a n00b for just asking a simple question :shock:


Btw, enjoy your stay here!

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