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Found contact information of idiot from "Ghost Riding" video...


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Recently came across a video on youTube with a kid ghost-riding his car and having it get stolen by a black guy. I knew the kid was a bit familiar so I did a bit of searching(in real life). And it turns out he used to go to my highschool, his name is -edited-.


I've obtained some contact information from a friend of his so that I could publicly post it. What you do with that information is entirely up to you. I'm not suggesting anything but you could also argue that I'm alluding to something :devilboy:. Again, do what you want.


Name: -edited-

AIM Handle: -edited-

E-mail address: -edited-

Website: http://rav.realitybytes.tk/

Video in question:


No personal information unless he comes here and posts it himself - Robert

Personal info available on his website. - Me

Edited by Alluminitti
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