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FEAR for Free! SE thinking of going hardware?

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Well, in lieu of the new sexy format (too which, I went back to basic blue 'n white because I still can't stand dark colours) heres from Gaming news from the for front~!


Sierra games have announced that on August 17th. The whole multiplayer portion of the game will be free to download. Here is the a snippit from the press release.




F.E.A.R. Multiplayer to be made available for free.


LOS ANGELES, CA – (August 8th, 2006) – Sierra Entertainment today announced that the multiplayer component from the award winning PC title F.E.A.R.™(First Encounter Assault Recon), has been renamed F.E.A.R. Combat, and will be made available to the public as a free download on Thursday August 17th, 2006.


See it over at Joystiq for the full press release.


Yoichi Wada of Square-Enix talked too Nikkei Business Online, and expressed his views on the now reaching next-gen.


If we don't see some [next-generation] titles that differ from traditional games, the industry is in trouble. Nintendo's DS lineup gives you an idea of the potential... There is a demand for something new from the users... Entertainment is not a necessity, so the users don't know what they should demand. It's up to the creators to think about this.


Gamespot has whole story up for grabs. Check it out for Square-Enix's possible future venture into the (already populated) hardware industry with Taito (that company they bought out, you know).


Also on Gamespot is a report that Prince of Persia will be heading too the Wii! They speculate it to be hitting it up with the Wii next March. Ubisoft has proven the developer for the Wii with it's 7 launch titles hitting the system when it is released sometime this year. Which were revealed as Red Steel, Rayman, Farcry, Blazing Angels, Open Season, Monster 4x4 and GT Pro.


Gamespot on PoP:Wii

Gamespot: Ubisoft promises 7 games for Wii launch

Ubisoft press release on Jeuxpo.com of PoP:Wii (in french)

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wow...so now there really is no reason not to just pirate it


Often my only motivation to buy the full game is for the multiplayer, but if its free now, i might as well pirate it for the single player and just download the multiplayer


But in reality ill buy it for the 360

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