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GTA: Vice City Stories


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Whenever THQ and Volition get together, great things happen


(Red Faction for example, still one of my favorite games ever)


But yeah i really want this, in my opinion, San Andreas had the best gameplay because of all the new features and stuff, But Vice City had the better storyline/city, So this might be the best of both worlds :shootem:


BTW i never played Liberty City Stories, is it any good?

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LCS is a technology advancement on PSP.


Nothing is cut out from real console GTA experience except for the fact that you can't swim and fly and climb (seems to be rectify in VCS though).


Mission-wise though, there are not much variety. Most of it is "get from point A to point B, then shoot, kill, then get back to point A" type of mission. The side missions in the game are quite fun though.


The soundtrack is lacking due to no licensed songs just ike GTA3. The city are the same as GTA3 except for some minor alterations.


Still, warrant a buy, but with VCS so close to release, I would wait for that.

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some details ive collected....


* You'll be playing as Victor Vance - Lance's brother.

* Victor, and his brother Lance, will be playing a big part in Vice City Stories. He's seen in the opening scene of GTA: Vice City, as he get killed by a SWAT team.

* The game takes place in 1984 - two years before GTA: Vice City

* Victor is a 28 year-old US Marine

* Players can now take on the water of Vice City With jet ski's!

* The animations are more life-like and is a ''step-up from previous titles in the series''

* A multiplayer feature similar to the PSP version of LCS is in the game

* VCS is ''much, much bigger than Vice City''

* Some landmarks are half-built or yet to be refurbished to their state circa 1986

* There's new or altered locations and buildings

* All new vehicles and weapons

* You can fly helicopters!

* Radio stations from Vice City make a return

* New weather effects that could include hurricanes

* You can swim in the game!

* Bikes handle better than before

* There's also no more seamless exterior-to-interior gameplay as seen in LCS (There'll be a slight loading time)

* A new addition in Vice City is the chunder-wheel, which you can ride in first-person view!

* Binoculars is in the game

* LCS is ''rookie first-gen PSP title compared to VCS''

* Draw distance is great and is said to be better than Vice City on PS2

* Trip skips make a return (If you die or get busted a taxi will take you back to the location where you received the mission from)

* New animations which give both the lead characters and pedestrians a whole new degree of humanity

* Far richer color palette that brings sunsets to all new levels of beauty, and realism

* Increased density of pedestrians, cars and objects

* Reduction in clumping (where groups of the same model type appear together)

* Far more interiors that its predecessors

* So far there's no word on character and vehicle customization, as well as wall climbing.


* Popular cars the Phoenix and Stinger make a return to Vice City, as seen in the screenshots.

* Victor and Lance have grown up poor, and you start off in a trailer park that's brand new to Vice City.

* There's a whole new cast of characters, as well as some characters from Vice City.

* As said before, not only is the city bigger, it's more detailed.

* Buildings look cleaner, signs are at a much higher resolution, and the palm trees look better.

* Brand new pedestrians, and groups of the same type appear less together thanks to a reduction on clumping.

* Missions are much more varied than previous GTA's.

* Water effects have been improved, with a ''choppy-looking surface'' and weather affecting vehicle handling and swimming.

* Helicopters control smoothly

* Rockstar Leeds has been listening to your thoughts on Liberty City Stories, like controlling issues, swimming and flying etc.

* As you probably know, the biker gang makes a return to Vice City. But, according to this article Big Mitch Baker will be the leader again. So expect to see him in the game!

* In one screenshot we see a silenced SMG.

* Police troops parasail down in order to 'kick your ass' in Mission 4 titled "Tune in, Bug Out". In this mission you have to buy a rocket launcher and take out police receivers across town, involving car sections, helicopter flights and rooftop battles. All the stuff we love about GTA!


• The game features a new rocket launcher

• Improved physics, prettier skylines, and far more dynamic lighting

• The sea plane returns to Vice City

• Time-contextual NPC behaviour (party-goers at night, bums at 5am etc.)

• Phil Cassidy can be seen during a loading screen, thus meaning he's back!

• When playing the game, they flew over Diaz's Mansion, the mall, and the Malibu Club

• Character models is sharper than that of GTA: Vice City

• Pop up is minimal, although still very apparent

• As said before, missions will no longer be ''point-to-point A-to-B'' drives

• Jet ski's handle completely different to the boats of the GTA series

• Water is more realistic, and is something that R* wants to take advantage off

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