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Mame releases for 0.107


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Official source and command-line binaries


MAME Plus! 0.107 2006-07-24


* GUI: added owner-drawn menu style [original code from kkez's ImageMenu v1.02, www.winapizone.net]

(Win9x support is broken for now; a G++ module is required to compile the source code )

* GUI: fixed bug in clone filter






In sync with mainline, here’s SDLMAME 0.107 [13.5 MB]. The only SDLMAME-specific changes this time out are some fixes to -romident and -isknown, which are handy switches for ROM dumpers and PCB collectors but probably not of much interest to anyone else  The real stars here are the core fixes for 0.107, which improve the emulation of Missile Command and fix half a dozen MAMETesters bugs.



History.dat 1.07




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The GUI component on MAME32Plus seems a bit unstable and the background color is while for me even though it's set as the default blueish in the Options.


Go figure. Nothing wrong when playing the games.

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It doesn't say anywhere there about what sdlmame is (which is why I asked here in the first place)

SDLMAME is exactly what its name implies. It's a MAME build that uses SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) instead of DirectX.


It's crossplatform, so I bet *NIX users find it useful.

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