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MGD sets are different and no amount of romcenter work will fix them. The real NRX (last version 0.6c) supports this format, but the hacks do not. The really bad thing about MGD's are that quite a few are bad dumps! You would be better off playing those early neogeo games on kawaks, mame, or nebula (and using mame romsets).



For those used to reading MAME code, here is the weird code needed to get an MGD set working:


ROM_START( eightman )

ROM_REGION(0x100000, REGION_CPU1, 0)

ROM_LOAD16_BYTE ( "n046001a.038", 0x000001, 0x040000, CRC(e23e2631))

ROM_CONTINUE (                0x000000, 0x040000 )


NEO_SFIX_128K( "n046001a.378", CRC(a402202b))


NEO_BIOS_SOUND_128K( "n046001a.4f8", CRC(68b6e0ef))


ROM_REGION(0x200000, REGION_SOUND1, 0) /* sound samples */

ROM_LOAD( "n046001a.1f8", 0x000000, 0x080000, CRC(0a2299b4))

ROM_LOAD( "n046001a.1fc", 0x080000, 0x080000, CRC(b695e254))

ROM_LOAD( "n046001b.1f8", 0x100000, 0x080000, CRC(6c3c3fec))

ROM_LOAD( "n046001b.1fc", 0x180000, 0x080000, CRC(375764df))


ROM_REGION(0x300000, REGION_GFX3, 0)

ROM_LOAD32_BYTE( "n046001a.538", 0x000000, 0x40000, CRC(c916c9bf))

ROM_CONTINUE( 0x000002, 0x40000 )

ROM_LOAD32_BYTE( "n046001a.638", 0x000001, 0x40000, CRC(7114bce3))

ROM_CONTINUE( 0x000003, 0x40000 )

ROM_LOAD32_BYTE( "n046001a.53c", 0x100000, 0x40000, CRC(4b057b13))

ROM_CONTINUE( 0x100002, 0x40000 )

ROM_LOAD32_BYTE( "n046001a.63c", 0x100001, 0x40000, CRC(51da9a34))

ROM_CONTINUE( 0x100003, 0x40000 )

ROM_LOAD32_BYTE( "n046001b.538", 0x200000, 0x40000, CRC(12d53af0))

ROM_CONTINUE( 0x200002, 0x40000 )

ROM_LOAD32_BYTE( "n046001b.638", 0x200001, 0x40000, CRC(43cf58f9))

ROM_CONTINUE( 0x200003, 0x40000 )



As you can see, bytes need swapping about, and entire blocks are in the wrong places.

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ok heres my situation on the thing.

i mainly use nebula and i have over a 160 roms

but recently ive this urge to play this kof 10th anniversary game(cuz i havent played kof in a while and want somethin new)

but for some reason this rom that i downloaded wont work with nebula nor will it work with this new version of nrx that i got. now i kinda know that no ammount of romcenter work is gonna change my romsets cuz ive tried that before, if there is something u could reccomend me in order to play the kof hack, what would u say i do?

remember i mainly on nebula

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Just to add a few more facts, MDG sets are dumps from Neo-Geo AES cattridges, instead of dumping them directly from the arcade boards. I still have a couple of MDG sets floating around as well.


The original NRX supported MSDG sets, because back then (1999) MDG sets were still a big deal. After that, these sets gradually lost popularity to the arcade dumps.


Isn't that KOF 10th set encrypted, and that it doesn't reaslly work in NRX unless you can find a fully decrypted version? I don't like hacks so my overall interest is fairly low.

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ok ive got one final question. yall answer this one and all my problems are solved. supposing i just downloaded about 181 neo geo roms all encrypted sets. can rom center produce a gigantic dat file for all of them which will enable me to play them on nebula

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To my understanding, nebula can't decrypt every encrypted set out there, SNK Vs. Capcom: Chaos being one of them (Nebula needs to use decrypted Cs for SvC).

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