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Sony Pre-E3 conference

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They have open up the door for developers to develop games for Wii and PS3 since both controllers feature almost the same features (Nintendo have less buttons though)

Not really. The Wii controller can do a lot more. It can actually judge distance from the screen which is a huge difference. The PS3 controller also can't act a pointing device. The second part of the nunchaku Wii controller is probably more like the PS3 controller but the main remote is quite different.

I still cannot understand the usage of judging distance in a game.

Oh well, there might be some new creative game from Nintendo on this. :P

With this PS3 controller, all it can really detect is roll, pitch, and yaw. That is rolling and moving on a single axis. It can't detect if you moved forward or backward or sideways. With the Wii remote you can do stuff like sword fighting, gun control, and other stuff because it can detect relative movement in space.

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