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MESS 0.105 released


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New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):


- AT 586 (not working yet) [Nate Woods]

- Nintendo N64 (not working yet) [Ville Linde]


System Driver Changes:


- [990189V] Fixed crash when taking a screenshot.  (bug #714) [Oliver Stoeneberg, Nate Woods]


- [EUROPC] Fixed keyboard regression introduced in 0.104.  (bug #857) [Nate Woods]


- [EXIDY] Added cartridge support.  (bug #842) [Robert]


- [FAMICOM] Added hack to prevent crashing.  Marked as not working.  [Nate Woods]


- [MAC] Moved Mac video code off of videomap.c.  [Nate Woods]


- [MPF1] Added sound support and other enhancements.  [Giel van Schijndel]


- [MSX] Fixed a crash involving cartridge use.  (bug #841) [Nate Woods]


- [MSX] Fixed subtle memory corruption bug.  [R Belmont, Wilbert Pol]


- [PC] Fixed a crash involving certain types of CGA memory access.  (bug #859) [Nate Woods]


- [PC8801] Worked around a regression introduced in MESS 0.96.  (bug #759) [Nate Woods]


- [VTECH1] Added support for the 64k memory expansion, and cartridge support. [Dirk Best]


User Interface Changes:


- Fixed a file manager bug that prevented the last item from being selected. [telengard]


Imgtool Changes:


- VZDOS images now supported.  [Dirk Best]


- The "dir" command will display "

" for directories.  [Nate Woods]


- [FAT] Now supports FAT file systems without an extended BIOS parameter block.  [Nate Woods]


Source Changes:


- The core is based on MAME 0.105.  This incorporates all features of the update to this core.  [MAME team]


- Changed how devices work.  Device command line options are now on a per device basis, and now identify the index within a device.  Therefore, you now might invoke MESS like this:


mess mysystem -flop1 foo.dsk -flop2 bar.dsk


  Also, drivers now have the ability to specify the string to be used for the command line option.  This allows multiple devices of the same type to be viable.  (bugs #711, #839) [Nate Woods]


- Fixed WD17XX side select option; this prevented some copy protection schemes from being properly emulated.  (bug #863) [Nate Woods]


- Fixed a bug that caused image creation to crash in certain situations. (bug #858) [Nate Woods]


- Eliminated the unknown and unused -listtext and -createdir command line options.  [Nate Woods]


- Cleaned up auto_malloc() calls.  [Oliver Stoeneberg]

>> Get it HERE.

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i tried mess a while back and didnt like it that much

sega genesis,snes dont seem to work properly

plus its very difficult to use :P


//does anyone like it? :)



where is the binary?

Edited by prithwin
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