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MAME 0.105 Released!


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NOTICE: The official Windows binaries are no longer compressed with UPX. This means that when you extract the files, the main MAME.EXE file will be much larger than you are used to. This is normal. The code has always been that big. Leaving it uncompressed will allow MAME to use less memory when run (ironically).


IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR OSD DEVELOPERS: There have been several changes this cycle that impact you. Please scan this file in detail for the details.


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


sys24savestate0104u4red [Aaron Giles]



Source Changes


Added the Dev 1.061 and early Japan bioses for ST-V. [zozo]


Added sound to Jump Kids. [f205v]


Corrected DIP switches for Honey Doll and Cookie & Bipi 3. [brian Troha]


Some progress on Little Robin. [David Haywood]


Fixed crash in System 16 games introduced by last update. [Aaron Giles]


Source and Binary available here:




Derivative Builds:



MAME32plus Special




MadeInMAME32b v0.105

Madda's Mame

NEO·ARC MAME32 Plus ! 0.105




History.dat 1.06h




MAME Plus! 0.105 2006-04-04

* fixed broken 'Auto volumn adjust'

* fixed tilemap drawing crash when DEP is enabled (windows/asmtile.asm)

* better M68K compiling core for parallel make (cpu/cpu.mak)

* experimental GCC 4.2 build, optimized for AMD Athlon64

  - Added a GUI version of wlfview.  You will need the GTK+ 2.4 runtime installed to run it.  The old console-based version is still included.
MAME32FX 0.105 released - GAME OVER


This is my last MAME32FX release. I have serious problems in my "real" life so I have to quit. It's time that I take care of my family. I will be still online but I don't think I will have again time to follow MAME development. I have to thank a lot of people but this is not the time and the place.

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