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DOSBOX 0.65 released


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DOSBox 0.65

Yes it's been a while but we finally decided to release a new version.

Quite a few changes have been made since last version, a few of the more important ones.


* 4/15/16/32bpp VESA mode support

* Lots of fixes for better vga compatibility

* Improved CGA composite output

* Added video capturing to avi

* Improved screen updating for more speed

* PCjr machine mode added

* Speedup cpu cores and fix endian issues

* FPU core speedup with assembly

* Improved keyboard and bios handling

* Lockfree mouse mode added again

* Improved builtin dos with umbs and better fat support

* Added VCPI emulation and fixed some issues with ems

* Improved support for booter games

* Modem and IPX support improved for multiplayer

* Countless other bugfixes and features added


Like always make sure you read the readme files and look through the config file to setup things the way you like. You can also try one of the numerous frontends to help you setup things.

>> Get it HERE.

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Oh, so a pc with cpu and all..

But anyway i'm thinking it's easier than a console because of the same hardware.

I'm not criticising anyone, much respect to the makers of Dosbox but this question comes to mind :

We can emulate something like Dreamcast but we can't do a

lousy 486 ?

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Same hardware???

A PC never has the same hardware as another PC... thats what makes a PC a PC...

Old Dos games used a lot of tricks and special software (e.g. Memory Extenders, VESA) - thats very difficult to emulate.


Nevertheless, DOSbox already runs very good. So, what exactly are you complaining at??

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