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Best Kind of Linux?


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Try the Live versions first.  For Ubuntu you can download it from their site.  Knoppix has a live CD too, it's very similar to Mandriva so you could test it out how it looks before you install.  Mandriva  to me seems like middle ground between Windows and MacOSX.


Knoppix IS a Live CD, in fact it was the first one.

Knoppix started the hype with Live CD's.

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Well, I tried the Live Ubuntu CD. It listed the wireless network I wanted to use, but even when I put the correct information, it wouldn't seem to actually work. The OS seems very plain, not stylish, maybe that's just Gnome. Anybody try Linspire? :P


EDIT: Better yet, can you guys tell me how to run KDE on Ubuntu?

EDIT #2: Nevermind, that's Kubuntu.

EDIT #3: What's the difference between the CD and DVD version?

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