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Tekken for PSP


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hey guys for those of you with dpad woes I got mine here




I also found these







all i did was do a search for PSP Extra Button in google.


for those of you who do not want to spend some money I found this




I haven't tried it but it looks like it would work. The other thing is you can just tape a quarter to the d-pad. (via 1up-show) that too works well. just to warn you though, the d-pad I bought from brando kicks ass! I love it. it makes my psp so worth it for any fighting game period, but it’s held on with TAPE. and it isn't permanent at all. I left my psp in my car one day on a hot day, and the tape got really soft. the pad slid right off and hasn't been the same since. lots of cleaning and finding better tape to reattach it. hope this helps some of you. and yes it is the best psp game out there as of yet. I don't even like tekken but I love this game. I dunno if i'm desperate for a fighting game or just desperate to play something on my psp, it loads fast and is fun all around. it's a must have.




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