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They're doing it again


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Holy. If they do not feature what is available on the PSP version, I will give this a big miss.

which is why I said that I hope that they do not port sfa3 from the cps2; the NAOMI version would be a whole lot better


but they said Arcade Perfect (remember, that's also what midway said about Midway Arcade Treasures vol.2); so I doubt they are even going to attempt to enhance anything, much less sfa3

I already pre-order the PSP version. I think I will give this compilation a miss since most of the games can be found via roms :devilboy:

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Alpha 2 Gold was on arcade, just not in the u.s (it was known outside as Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha).

But they don't have Cammy in it as far as I know.

only Shin Gouki and Evil Ryu, plus several changes to characters back to their pre-Alpha style.

no, Shin Gouki was there (just not selectable), No Cammy of course, but those were the only changes made to the console ports

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