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Win2DS - Remotely control your Windows PC

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Here is the first release of Win2DS, it's got virtual mouse and keyboard support, and it shows a constantly-updating screenshot of your desktop on your DS. It will eventually do many more remote operations, but it works solidly for what it is now.


Win2DS v0.1a








-Fixed problem with screenshots updating and worked around another (screenshots should never stop updating now).

-Fixed potential lock-up with password checking.

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having troubles conncting to my AP. I config the IP's, select my AP, but it asks for a password (there is none), so i leave it blank. then it stays at the waiting screen, and doesnt go any further.


I've succesffully connected to it with the other apps, and clients like this.


EDIT: fixed it, it was a problem on my end. user error, as always.

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Yeah, I must say, if there were zoom, It'd be excellent. Because now I still need to see my monitor ro get whats going on. with zoom I'd be able to stray away from my monitor, zoom into a convo or window and still know whats going on, and such. This just gives or a basic idea of it all. I cranked my resolution to 800x600 and I can now sort of read chat convos and some page text if its lighter pages. Darker ones, like this make the text unreadable.


But looking good, nonetheless!

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I've found that sometimes, it stops refreshing the screen too. I think it may just stop if I'm doing a lot very quickly, and it just stops trying to keep up. But then again, there's probably a more techincal reason behind it. I'm just noticing that it tends to stop refreshing when I begin doing a lot very quickly. as you stated, d/c and then reconnecting fixes it.


The keyboard is a bit too touchy, sometimes I hit one key, and it does the one below it, and hittin backspace to delete a character does nothing. I've tried re-calibrating my touchscreen in case it may be a bit off, but theres still some obvious sensitivity problems with it, the same as I've noticed in DSlinux's virtual keyboard.

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The screen refreshing thing is a bug, but I had a hard time reproducing it. Reconnecting fixes it. The zoom will be added later. The keyboard works great compared to other apps I'm sure, you should have seen how it works before I modified it. Backspace works on some apps, some with enter. I'll add support for all those special keys later.


If it is stuck at the waiting screen READ THE DAMN README

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