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PS2 input to laptop


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I wouldn't say hardwired is just as reliable as wireless. Wireless technology is still utter garbage these days. Even within ones own home, hell in the same room, you can suffer signal loss between devices.

Hardwired all the way........I'll never touch wireless.

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You also still don't have an INPUT on a laptop without a capture card. You have a VGA output, so that you can hook your laptop up to a desktop monitor/TV with VGA Input.

Buying a VGA adapter would do you no good.

Get a capture card or buy a portable LCD. Those are really your only choices.

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people go wireless because running cables everywhere is annoying, and can end up being even more expensive


Buy two of these and be done with it




A Cheaper equivelent would also do.


Not only can you keep your PS2 on your TV, AND have internet access to it, But its secure because no one can get into your computer that way, Someone might be able to use your internet but im pretty sure it offers encryption anyway


And seriously, People getting on your wireless network is NOT as big of a threat as peopel make it to be. Any hacker who has the resources to physically move around to wireless networks isnt going to waste their time on some home network. And even if they got on, OOOH THEY WILL USE YOUR INTERNET OR COPY THINGS OFF YOUR HDD!!


Your not stupid enough to put things that important on your HDD right?

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