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Self Booting XBOX360 Backup Disk of Kiosk!


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Looks like there may not even be a need for modchips on the 360 :P




    Microsoft left us with this blanket statement:


    Xbox 360 retail kiosks have started arriving at retailers. Due to the nature of the distribution process, not all kiosks are hitting simultaneously, but are continuing to pop up in retailers across the country in the coming weeks.


    The kiosks are designed for a retail environment and feature game samples, game trailers and product information. Team Pi leaves you with this Pillow statement:


    It seems Microsoft was in such a hurry to get this stuff out

    that they forgot to set the media protection on this disc.

    This leaves hackers with the posibility to hack around with

    this disc that load from a normal DVDR5 backup! - Team Pi

    also notes that the all datafiles on this disc isn't signed in

    any way, and will allow for extensive modification for producing

    exploits to further our efford to hack this box!


    Playable (hackable) games on this disc: Call of Duty 2, Hexic, Kameo, King Kong. Also includes lots of game and accessory demos in video format.

    Nothing ripped, just foreign videos were downsampled to fit onto a normal DVDR5!


    YES you can run this! Burn the iso, put it into your xbox and be very amazed... Next, think of the posibilities of hacking this little demo disc that we might start running code on the retail xbox 360's ! :)

    So the second task is done. We hope this encourages all hackers, coders and crackers out there to take up the challenge. Enjoy!


    Special note to the Clear kids: Yes, we are old and lazy, and no, we are not going to do some scene war against you. Life is too short for that, and our dicks are allready large enough :)


    Keep up the hard work!

    Pi Putting the 360' Spin on the Xbox :)

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oh god....i see the xbox 360 failing for teh same reasons Dreamcast did now :cry:


Somehow i saw this happening as soon as MS claimed it was hack proof


So basically theres going to be something like this in the future (PURE PREDICTION)


You know those programs that open a disc image and change its region? Well now we just rip a disc image and change its protection type....ha....this is great


As soon as this becomes easy to do, Companies arent going to feel safe with the box anymore, not release games, etc.


Maybe im overreacting....

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Yeah, you're over-reacting. The disc provides no help in hacking the 360 whatsoever, or booting other backups. The unsigned parts of the disc are just the media files, the XEX files ARE signed......the ONLY reason this disc boots from a backup is because Microsoft set the media_id flag to allow for it to do so.


Nothing to see here folks, move along.

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Yeah but, The encryption on Xbox 360 discs is cracked, So cant you just rip a 360 game, edit the meta_id flag, and then burn a booting backup?


or what about if you took like the meta_id or whatever files from this disc, deleted all the movies and stuff and replaced it with a game, like, you would boot this, and it would say like Click here to play Call Of Duty 2 Demo, but you delete all the Call Of Duty Files/everything else, and replace it with the files from a retail game

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An Xbox360 DVD is no different than an Xbox DVD, existing Xbox ISO tools can read images. The filetypes have changed though, the executables are different (Architecture being different is THE most obvious reason there).


As of this moment, there is no way to patch Xbox games to simply run from a backup on a virgin console by altering the media_id, theres more to it than that.......and theres def even more to the 360 than that.


Pipe dreams, wait on some real progress.

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