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Is Microsoft Still a Monopoly?

CJ Jackson

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Microsoft Windows still dominates the desktop. But in many other areas, including Web servers and supercomputing, Microsoft is just one player among many, and often a weak player at that. On the gaming side, despite the latest xBox getting all kinds of media buzz as "the" console to buy, Sony's Playstation outsells the xBox at least two to one, and many analysts expect Sony to widen that gap even more when Playstation 3 comes out in the Spring of 2006. On the Internet, MSN and MSN Search are so far behind AOL and Google that it isn't funny. And even on the desktop, Linux keeps getting stronger, while Mac OS X is commonly accepted as more reliable, secure, and user-oriented than Windows. So why do we keep saying Microsoft is a monopoly?

Microsoft (Slowly) Moves Away from Monopolistic Behavior


If a major IT user tells a Microsoft salesperson that he or she is thinking about switching to Linux, Microsoft will usually come back with a cut-price offer, something the company never used to do. Microsoft also now sells something called Windows Starter Edition in some parts of the world -- supposedly for as low as $37 or $38 (US) in Thailand, including a basic version of Microsoft Office. In other words, Microsoft is starting to compete on price, which is not monopoly-style behavior.


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It seams to me that Microsoft is losing it grounds. :P

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Anway regarding the origional post i think it's still mainly a monopoly... you can see that when you go to a computer store and you're forced to buy a machine with virus xp home edition.. if you choose not to use the damn closed source monster you still end up paying M$ tax for buying the flocking thing.. of course you can build your own pc but not everyone knows how to do that.. even still if you do use linux many companies like silicon integrated systems refuses to support your hardware nor give the developers any clues or help.. another reason is most pc users use windows for its ease and want to double click on everything for answers.. However the linux kernel (the core of the operating system) has been under serious development in the last few yrs.. any newer distro has a much flashier desktop than luna.. i wish more people would become more aware of this alternative operating system so we can make bill gates sign a eula to kiss our asses and fully put an end to big companies wanting our souls

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