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Jep, I'm afraid the project is dead because with the new TCP thingy, things like ndsmail make my app a bit useless. I will probably release DSRemote Lite together with an binary soon so we'll have the most important functionality: a remote for Winamp that isn't bothered by all the other stuff I've implented over the months (rss, mail, etc etc.).

Thanks for using my app anyway!

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I'm back with some new news! The code of DSRemote is quite outdated, that's why I chose for a complete new update with basic functionality and more. With all the stuff like NDSMail (with RSS support) going on, I chose to focus on what DSRemote does best: acting as a remote control!

Check out the attached screeny of the new interface, I will be working on it and see what I can make of it!




For the latest news on this project, please visit gamersgalaxy!

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DSRemote is coming along nicely, I lost my DS, tho, so I have to go look for it... But a release isn't far away!

After this release DSRemote I will leave the project be and start on a new project, maybe a game!

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