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Why not release all source now?


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I was wondering:


Why not release all the source code you have right now, under GPL?

A lot (and I mean, literally, A LOT) of developers would contribute to dswifi. You would still be the maintainer, but work could go incredibly fast.

You already have milestone 2 & 3 of the dswifi bounty. So release your code under GPL or LGPL and dswifi would be here in less than no time. (and you would get a break from all the responsability)

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Ok, you're just wildly uninformed because for one, the bounty requires the code to be released under a non-binding licence (GPL/LGPL are not possible)

And, even if they were, I personally don't like them. So, no.



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I understand why you don't want to release it under GPL. They are very good reasons indeed!


But I didn't mean specifically GPL. A BSD license is perfect too. It's just that you're working on the code all alone, and you would get a lot of help when publishing the code. Then, dswifi would not only be complete sooner, it would be implemented in other projects quicker. dslinux for example could really use your source code.


I sometimes forget that the (L)GPL is "viral". I didn't want to ask "Why not release it under GPL instead of BSD?", I wanted to ask: "Why not release it now instead of releasing it 'when it's done' ?"

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Well, additionally - "a lot of developers" contributing is something I really want to avoid at the moment.


I will be releasing the source the library (probably under BSD licence) likely with the next release.


That being said, there are a number of reasons I'm not releasing the code right now.

1) I want a specific minimum set of features to exist before the code is released (for reasons I'll detail on the next few points)

2) I don't want a bundle of variations of my incomplete lib popping up. This adds to the noise factor and is not helpful, even if some do work. I don't particularly trust all of the homebrew scene to be talented enough to add required functionality to the lib, and I highly doubt the people incapable of such a modification will realize that.

3) In general, I'm not trying to monopolize the area, except for the fact that I want to be 100% sure a reliable, working library exists and is accessable. Releasing the source at this point is counterproductive to this goal.



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