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Realtek 8180 Access Point + wi connection anyone?


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Hi eveyone,


I have a Realtek 8180, and installing the drivers and utility program from the site, you have an option to use the card in Access Point mode.


You can set SSID, WEP key and see the association table.

Problem: I can't get it to work with WIFI games!

I have other options:


Beacon interval (100)

DTIM period(3)

Preamble mode(auto,short or long)

Data rate (auto,1-11 mbp)

Security; Open,shared key (Open)


I have tried any combination of the settings (But not for the Beacon interval and DTIM period), but same results:

No access point


When I try to connect I can see fron the statistics that packets are coming from the nintendo, but the get as RX CRC error (0-500)


Anybody with the same hardware got it to work? Or any idea ofthe proper settings, in particular


Beacon interval (100)

DTIM period(3)





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it works!




1) had to set a mac address to the network card in the driver settings

2) connection at 1mbps

3) shared key - wep


All the other settings as default...

the main problem was in the mac addess missing on the driver settings. Can't get an ip addess if speed is set to auto..

Obvoiusly, enabled sharing of the main cable connection.


That's about it


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