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I'm planning on formatting my pc and starting clean, but before that there's alot of data i wanna back up so what would a good anti-virus be for scanning that data?


also any good codec pack you guys would recommend? I use the CCCP, combined community codec pack for viewing anime and stuff it's been good, apart from me having to use MPC which I don't like but I really could try to use a better player since I dunno sh!t bout these things mostly.


also some other helpful programs would be nice. like stuff to reduce ram consuption and other utils.


I'd also like to test some firewalls, since I've been using zone alarm since I dunno when and I still don't feel all that protected.


nevermind nero or daemon-tools or winamp lol.

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why do you want firewalls for? you have a router, IMO, that's enough protection.


Head over to panda software's web site using IE and have them scan you for viruses (I really like their results, picks up stuff norton doesn't).


Btw, you aren't going to hear any other different things than what I've already told you about codecs


ram consumption and stuff eh; maybe you should try "tweak xp" or aldo's free memory or whatever

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For antivirus, AntiVir personal Edition, AVG pr BitDefender Free.


Aboujt the codescs and the media player... I've used a codec pack only once on my old computer which was Nimo Codec Pack. Now I use the latest unofficial ffdshow + OggDS (for OGMs) + Matroska Pack Lite (for Matroska MKV files). I can't say much about media players, since they are all about the user's preference. Zoom Player is lightweight and loaded with good features.


I know that BitDefender has a built-in firewall. I haven't tried others, apart from a free, old version of Tiny Personal Firewall... it was good for its worth.

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I think Firefox suports those languages if you just add them from View --> Character Encoding (or whatever that menu is called). If that doesn't work, you just need to install the language support to IE, and it will work in Firefox as well.


If you mean OS support, then you add them from the Control Panel.

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For Virus protection I would reccomend AVG free or Pro what ever one you can get your hands on.


For firewall, Well im not too sure about this. I just use the one windows gives you :lol:


mmm.. reduce ram consumption, I have never heard of a program that does this. May I suggest buy some more ram (if you are having problems with yo ram)


:P Instead of winamp use itunes lol, Im also looking for other programs besides nero.

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I have 512 ram now, but I think since there's 2 types of ram I have those dual thingies, that supposedly work faster together or I dunno


why is itunes so hot anyway?


windows firewall blows bwuahaha, and the router firewall is crap bcuz:


A. Zonealarm firewall has blocked a grand total of 17411 intrusions since install, 1098 of which being highrated

B. It's always good to have a software firewall.

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