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I'll use Avg free and zonealarm and sysgate on my dualboot both work quite well.


As for codecs I have klite pack and ffdshow.


I installed the latest offical build of ffdshow in the opions ask do you want it to handle mp4 and mpeg, I ticked the boxes.


Now every time I run VLC or any other app running the above files I get 2 ffdshow icons in the syst tray this is annoying me is there another round this apart from using a different codec pack?

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The ffdshow codec defaults to showing the control panels for both audio and video in the System Tray. Those can be turned off from the ffdshow video/audio filter properties respectively.


btw, I wouldn't go ticking any extra checkboxes during install, other than what is already checked. Checking some of them can make certain video formats play a lot poorly than before (this is not always apparent if you just watch video files that are on your HDD, but if those files are embedded into a, let's say, a game then you might see problems).

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preparing pc for format, I'm currently looking to see what I can save, and I'm gonna scan for viruses with alot of different antiviruses till I'm satisfied so as I'm certain I don't get any crap on the files I wanna backup


and I'm pretty certain the router firewalls aren't so much better then people say.

edit: any other useful proggies to have around? (not necesarelly security mind you)

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too many installs for just 1 prog to work.


anyone know a good iso making tool? not flocking iso magic, cuz even tho I cracked it, it won't allow me to go over 300 megs (piece of crap). something either free, or fully working trial, or somehting that can be cracked easily plz.

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