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Stupidity at Gamefaqs


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I was browsing the GTA:LCS forum. You can't just imagine how stupid some of the posts are (much worse than our 1emu idiots)


Let see,


"Is there snow in LCS?" - 156 times asked

"Can Toni swim?" - 500 times asked

"Why the canadians get the game one day earlier?!?" - 100 times



My god, the way the asked is as if their life are depending on the

availability of this game. And you can't imagine the flaming.



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The stupidity on GameFAQs' message boards unbelievable. The breeding ground for fanboys. You should mention Liberty City Stories with its full name first though, keeps the confusion at bay.

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Oh my God, I just step into the Final Fantasy Advent Children board.


....i am scarred for life.......

That goes for any Final Fantasy board over there, but yeah anything FFVII-related... I don't want to think about that. The game is awesome, but the fanbase is so "out there".

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the thing that always annoys me at gamefaqs is all the "is this game good" and "should I get this game" threads. every board you go into has those questions at least 100 times.

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