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Width ? Depth ? Height ?


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Not yet. Seller confirmed payment on Friday, so i consider that lame bastard shipped it today, so it should arrive like Wednesday.

Maybe im just too impatient. I got my MegaDrive, Saturn, Playstation and Dreamcast all off ebay, i seldom had bad luck there, like maybe 5 times with more than 400 transactions total.

It was 15,50 Euro with BucknBumble plus 7 Euro shipping. Not that much, but i want it badly, bought 5 more games and a memory card in another auction too.


Its the last console im interested in. I need it to have something to hunt down on fleamarkets for im like thru with PC games. :D

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Ah my paket shows up on online status of that parcel service.

He put it in on 21nd and they grabbed it on 25, its on its way now.

Next time i rather pay 2 Bucks more and have it here in 3 days.


With our german UPS clone, DPD 5 games i bought last weekend and brought to package service yesterday, arrived today.

Now i have 5 N64 games, 1 memcard, but no N64 :P

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N64 arrived today. I thought it was bigger. Works fine.

Now my console collection is complete :P

(Im considering the revolution too, but well, one can overdo things.)

SNES N64 Genesis Saturn Dreamcast and ol' PSX

Now i must hunt the fleamarkets for more cartridges.

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