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What license will DSWifi be released under?


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It is acceptable for the implementation to use existing libraries, provided that their licenses are non-contaminating (BSD license, MIT license, LGPL are fine; GPL and MPL are not.)




From what I gather, in order to get the bounty, the software will have to be open source, but not under a license which forces software using it to also be open source. This doesn't mean the sgstair will release his code under something like that, but to get the bounty, he has to. And he's a nice guy, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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A virus for DS would be well, very difficult. It would have to live on an external medium, as integrating into the firmware is out of the question. Secondly it would have to be very selective (it could only affect a few mediums without being huge), and the ds is limited enough it couldn't exactly do anything interesting anyway.



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DS would make an interesting vector for a virus.

You get it from another DS, then it spreads to a GBAMP CF card and infects a PC.

Or wifi it could spread to the wireless network and get more PC's. The homebrew could generate an image file or "savegame" whch you would run on your PC i.e. to use your backed uped DS save run the savegame thru this converter so it works on emulators. In reality it exectutes a PC virus. Although you may well just put a trojan in the windows executable...

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