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speech in games


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just wonder if theres a site where you can download voice samples from games or even a web page with the history of video game speech


i would love to have the old stars wars coin op or ghostbusters "he slimed me!" samples :thumbsup1:

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I think the number 1 scene i will never forget in any video game is from Winback




Im sorry but i just found it hilarious when this guy was talking to the main character and it went like this...


Here! Take This!

*camera zooms in on his fist*

*main character bumps his fist into other persons fist and stares at it with a hilariously confusing look on his face*

Whats this?

Its C4 and Detonators!

*main character puts fist against his back pocket and regrips gun*


There was absolutley nothing in their hands the entire time, it was just so stupid it was funny.

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