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Mame v0.99u4


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how old is the game?


Around 5 years. Now do not forget mame does not go by any 3 year rule.


Anyway I have the code and have it working in Mame32 Plus 99u2





I think they wanted 99u4 removed becuase of the new Tetris that has just been released.

As it might be on the same hardware and would make it easy for it to be emulated in Mame.


Now someone please dump this game so I can try it in Mame :D


Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct released 2005








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mame source code lesson 1


the mame32 source code is a suppliment to the mame source code where it adds a ui folder along which contains the source code for the gui with some other stuff to generate a help file


you can do a mame32 build by defining WINUI=1 SUFFIX=32 when and if the mame32 source has been implemented into mame's source code

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Let's see, I'll chip in on this as well. I haven't compiled anything in my life, except random Java sources. Secondly, although I try to fix my grammar form time to time, I still make mistakes that aggravate me quite a bit.


So the question is, where do I stand in all this?


[/freudian off-topicness]

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