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PSP running windows and Linux

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Check it out!(warning may be /.ed).

Windows 95 actually runs quite well but don't expect it to be a speed demon. It takes about 10 minutes to boot but afterwards it's pretty usable. I was able to do things like: open "My computer" and browse the virtual hard drive, complete a whole game of Minesweeper and run various other applications. Now you too can get your Minesweeper fix on the go :P

Well, I don't know about you, but 10 minutes for booting Windows95 was good back in the day. This could be the first steps of something really great. Turn your psp into a laptop on the fly, sounds like a reason I would buy it.


BTW the x86 emu they used for this is PSP 1.0 compatible only (at least last time I checked). Anyone have a PSP 1.0 to test it with?

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Reading the comments, it's more a proof on concept rather than anything serious. With a virtual keyboard and no mouse it won't be pleasant to use, and the 32mb of ram will make it quite slow. I'm not sure how Win95 is going to handle the issues of correct drivers, etc.




(first time I tried to post this I got a board error of files missing)

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