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Anyone here very familiar with XBMC?


I seem to be having a little problem with trying to get the jpegs to show up for my music folders in XBMC. Only 2 of the folders show pictures, and it's the 2 music albums I downloaded that already had pics. I noticed they were each 200 x 197 jpeg format. So I downloaded pics for all the other album folders and set them to 200 x 197 jpeg, but they still don't show up when scrolling through music, only when I look for pics.


What could it be why XBMC doesn't pick up those pics for the folders, but picks up the pics for the album folders that came with a pic?


Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.


Thanx in advance. :blink:

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I've noticed sometimes when I throw stuff on my harddrive, I have to restart the application I'm using to be able to access the newly added files. Try restarting XBMC and then see if they show up, I think it's something to do with the FatX filesystem that makes files not appear without restarting what you're doing.

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Nawh, that's one of the first things I tried. I don't know what it is. Only the 2 album folders that came with pics already show up in XBMC. There must be some type of setting in there I'm not adjusting properly.


The 2 that work are for:


Cage: Movies for the Blind...it's a jpeg - 200 x 197




Nature Sounds presents - Convexed 2003...also a jpeg - 200 x 197


I downloaded my own jpegs for all my other album folders. They didn't work. So I went and resized them to 200 x 197. They still don't show up.


What the hell am I not doing?

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I can't imagine trying to get everything 'cleaned up' without the ability to FTP. You can transfer and rename via XBMC filemanager though. But, to get XBMC to show a thumbnail, there are two methods to add them manually:


1. For a folder and all its contents, label the image 'folder.jpg' (litteraly) and put it in the folder.


2. For an individual file, label the image the same name as the file and change the extension to.tbn.


There aren't any size restrictions that I know of.

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Oh, by the way, 1 more quick question on XBMC.


Anyone know how to get XBMC to recognize where your emulator folders are?


When I go to emulators on XBMC, nothing shows up. My emulators/roms are all located on my G: Drive.


Any feedback on that would be appreciated.


(I'm using the 8/8/05 PIMPED Edition of XBMC right now.)

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