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I need help with Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike

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I recently got Chankast and a bunch of games, which all worked fine, except for this one. It won't load. I even tried Second Impact instead, but the screen just went black after the Capcom logo. What should I do? Does Third Strike work for any of you guys?


I'm thinking maybe the image is corrupted or something. If you could PM me some assistance, it would be appreciated. If not, then please help me to get this game working, I've been wanting to play it for ages now. Thanks.

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Just look through BT. All the images I've seen there are selfboot. There are tools to make DC games selfboot, but I don't know where to get those and how difficult the conversion is.

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Yes, yes it does. My image is an NRG image, but that doesn't mean anything. Just to clarify, you DID enable the Capcom Hack in Chankast before starting the emulation, didn't you? Tell me you did.

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I'll clear the air some more...


1. Second Impact doesn't work in Chankast.

2. Third Strike does work in Chankast. What program do you use to mount the image?

3. I didn't find any Third Strike torrents on the net. You're having bad luck.

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