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Kaillera Help with Controls

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I have been playing via Kaillera recently but my controls are not

functioning well..and the game is running at 60fps...:)


I use MAME32k v0.64


Its suposed to go well, right?


What this could be?


I have a Paradyne Modem with LAN 256k Connection...

i download things up to 27KB/s.

btw, Uploads go up to 17KB/s.


Do i need other joystick? more speed?


ThanX in advance




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ThanX for the replies :)...


GryphonKlaw, what i mean is that when i press a button (Ex.Punch)

it react like half a second later [1/2 second]


I will be testing again and trying diferent Server/Ping...to see if i can

use the controls normally...


I dont really know whats my ping but ill be checking, im new on

Netplay..thats why i dont know some things


Other thing i saw about netplay is that nebula dont have a Menu

for netplay...but supports it [?] and Kawaks lag a lot, FBA not tested

because is a personal build i made and i dont know if is compatible

with other FBA's...I use Mame32K 0.64 because is the better going

on netplay and going 60fps


ThanX All...




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Known as input lag. You won't get much if you play at a low ping server against other low pingers. Otherwise, there will be some input lag in there. For Instance, When I play against Madi (A 56k user), There is input lag on my part which makes it a bit harder to play.

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