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Yay! So basically i went to a garage sale, and they had an NES for 2 dollars so i was like OMG and then i realized it was still in the box and i was like OMFG!!! and then i opened the box and realized everything was still in the wrappers and it had never been opened and i was like OMFGWTFBBQ!!!!!


Its the NES Action set BTW. Ive been playing tons of NES recently....on an actual NES. That disc i made for my dreamcast is still sweet though....


BTW if anyone wants to sell me their Smash TV or River City Ransom cart (haha fat chance) that would be awesome.

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I still buy games for my NES at a store here called GameCrazy. They have orginal NES' on sale for $50.00, while I boguht a GameCube from there for $30.00 (Used).


I am happy that my NES has lasted since '85, although all my games were stolen years ago. But thank god for GameCrazy. :D

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