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The Phantom Still Exists

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The much-delayed Phantom Game Service and PC hardware based Phantom Game Receiver are still in the works despite the recent silence from would-be platform holder Infinium Labs.


The first news from the company in several months has emerged over the past few weeks, with Infinium announcing that it has appointed The Mauretania Import Export Company (TMIEC), a firm specialising in developing multimedia brands for games, film and TV, to expand its content acquisition efforts.




As to when that launch will be, sources close to the company have indicated that a new round of funding is being closed at the moment, with a view to bringing the console to market - finally - in early 2006.




Less positive news for Infinium, however, came as the company's stock hit investment headlines this week for being linked to a scam that has seen the Securities and Exchange Commission charging three men for around $600,000 of fraudulent actions.



Eurogamer / GameIndustry

Existance is futile Infinium Labs!

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i dont like phantom , so im gonna get this....... i never had an intrest in they're comics or movies :P

What? Who's comics or movies?

Just ignore everything suvo says. He is a class act, numero uno, goddamn MORON!

That's what I figured.

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