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White PSP To Hit Japanese Stores

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An iPod-style Ceramic White edition of the PSP is set to launch in Japan on September 15th, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced.


The new edition will only be available as a value pack and will go on sale with a 26,040 Yen price point (£134/ 193 Euros). The Ceramic White edition will be the first of a variety of new colours, SCEJ confirmed, with accessories being made available separately.


It is not yet known if or when the Ceramic edition will be available overseas, but Sony's track record of introducing colour variations of the PS2 is well established in Europe.


Meanwhile, Sony also announced that Internet browsing functionality will be officially added to the PSP from July 27th. Users will be able to visit the SCEI website and update the system software on their PSPs to version 2.0, allowing them to install an Internet browser.




The long-awaited European launch is set for Thursday September 1st.


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i want a silver psp , the black one is nice but its the only color at the momment >_

Ive heard about the clear cases thier selling online , they look pretty good.

Hell, if you're asking for that, why not ask for a chromed one right off the bat?

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