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well..feeling like a dumbass and hypocrite, I I have decided to make a summer eating plan. Well..I pretty much plan on taking everything easy (don't ask why), so I don't plan on consuming a whole lot. Tell me if this is good


1)have coffee first thing in the morning.


2)drink water the rest of the day...


3)eat a somewhat big dinner


4)continue drinking fluids


...this is the first day of doing this. My stomach hasn't groweled yet. But I do have different signs of hunger, and depression and lightheadednes is one of them, but it's not bothering me much atm. I think my body just has to get used to it.


I don't feel like doing excercise either cause I'm still sore from doing 50 push ups on friday (stupid me forgot to stretch)


and I refuse to go outside in 106°F (27°C) weather!


..and I hate sunlight


what do you guys think?

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Dude, eat the dinner before 6 in the afternoon and it should all go fine. Maybe eat a apple or any fruit here and there through out the day.

that's what I'm planning on doing. Just eating dinner.


fruit? naaah, thta could just make me eat more during the day

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Replace the coffee with milk. Atleast sometimes. Drinking a lot of coffee is bad for you because of the caffeine. Unless you drink decaf. But you should drink milk or some kind of juice. V8 Splash! is actually good.


If you have the willpower to do this, then go ahead. But I suggest you find some kind of snack like rice cakes to keep you busy during the day. You also need a proper intake of vitamins so take some vitamin pills.


But it all boils down to dinner. If you're eating an unhealthy dinner then it's all pointless. I would suggest an overall healthy diet which includes a small and healthy lunch (read: salad) and a dinner with the major food groups.


Also, stretching doesn't really do anything. It's mostly a placebo effect thing.


But yeah, drinking a lot of water is good for you. It will clean you system out.

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Ah...well that's not exactly good. Depriving yourself of lunch and eating one unhealthy meal a day without exercise won't really get you anywhere. You may lose some weight but in the long term it might not be so good.

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oh well...we'll see


but I'm still sore and I hate sunlight


why is it that when seeing a guy running out in the daylight makes it looks like he's excercising, but when doing the same thing at night looks like he's robbed a place or just plain looks suspicious? This sucks

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When my dad goes on a diet he eats Chicken Breasts for dinner which actually taste good, maybe I should do this also since I am , well the weight 296 isn't exactly healthy for a 15 year old...

How are the chicken breasts prepared?


But yeah, you should seriously think about losing some weight otherwise it WILL affect you adversely later on. But diet isn't enough, you need to exercise too.

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