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What is the best way to go for collecting?


What is the best way to go for collecting?  

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My favorite would have to be Direct Connect for these simple reasons.

Though I do find it necessary to visit a few of the others.

Some are just rediculious.


No more single clicking on every rom.

No spam/adds.

No vanishing rom links.

No more disappearing ftp.

No MIRC wait a 4 days.

No more edonkey, mule file never comes.

No more Kazaa, Not finding what you want.

No paying for binarie News Groups/incomplete parts.


Places for rom collectors.


Dirrect Connect "hubs"




Homepage rom site "http://"



File Mirrors


Click on the Rom Genie link of this homepage to download DIRECT CONNECT add the address into the program and you are off to collecting all the roms you want. You can also use the address in other programs such as DC++. Goggle search for that version if you like that better.

I do.

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