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So I feel giving...

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Pretty giving in fact. People know I own a (relatively large) collection of live concerts from both bands who accept or dismiss trading and distribution. But in the end, it all comes down to; NEVER SELL BOOTLEGS FOR PROFIT. Well, here's one from a group from the scene who accepts trading and free distribution of their shows. They are The Prodigy.




So since I am in the giving mood. I want to give away this show. From this year's Coachella Arts & Music Festival.


Rules are simple. Just send me the most randomest thing on the internet. Nothing crazy and it has to be worksafe. No guro, no goatse, no tubgirl, no dead guy shooting his brains out or skull fscking. I want to get rid of this show and don't want to sell it. Theres nothing defective about it. I just don't feel like having this Audio CD backup is all.


You shall receive this Audio disc in a slim cd case with the cover and inlay made out normal paper! (I can't afford glossy). The CD-R is a FUJI FLIM 48X 80MIN. It ends on July 30 =o. I'll be sending it to teh winnar and thar shall be an announcement too.


So uh, good luck?

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It hurts my eyes. Good entry though.


lol It's actually a site with a real point though. That's what I found odd, after actually reading some of the stuff. It's got real technological purpose.

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